LYMAN by Anne Johnstonbrown

When a woman meets a homeless man she thinks she recognizes, she wonders if his life would have been different had he made different choices. Was he really a hero like he claims to have been? If he wasn't on the streets, where would he be? From these questions, we take a journey through the various universes in which Lyman would have existed, and we learn the truth about how choices affect destiny and what it really means to be a hero.

Anne Johnstonbrown is an actor, author, playwright and teacher out of the Los Angeles area. She has a Master's Degree in Theatre Arts and has spent the past 30 years working in the theatre arts industry. Anne has also written several acclaimed theatre arts books and novels which can be accessed for purchase from this website (click here).

Anne's musical, LYMAN, based on her novel, My Name's Lyman, is currently in production and features many of her original songs. Learn why Anne wrote the book at "Why I Wrote Lyman."

LYMAN is a musical that sets out to change society's perception of the homeless.

"If we could accept the truth that all homeless people are capable of being heroes and all people are capable of being homeless, then perhaps homelessness could once and for all be solved."
                                                                                  - Anne Johnstonbrown

Robin S.
- Something so much bigger going on here.

Jeannette C.
- Moving and thought provoking.

Connie V.
- It's the sort of art that will inspire folks to take action. So glad to have been in the audience to witness your creativity and gift!

Bill K.
- You will never know the full effect of what happened in your show last night but it did change some people!

Michael A.
- My family from Concord N.H. thought it was fantastic. My sister told me that her eyes teared up. 

Penny F.
- Fantastic! Compelling! Intriguing! Bravo! 

Nasser I.
- Me and my girlfriend loved this play. I am a homeless x-felon/motivational speaker, student at Chaffey. My friend who stays with me is a homeless vet. Me and her were in tears very emotional.

Dan B.
Anne, wanted you to know my wife and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed seeing "Lyman" at the Grove Theater in Upland this past Sunday evening. The actors were both dynamic and mesmerizing....Performances to behold indeed. Great work and theme. Thank You for sharing.

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